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14.4.2024 Los Palms / Sux Sux Sux @FLUCC


✦ Los Palms ✦

Garage Psych Surf Rock from Australia

The sounds of Los Palms cut through your senses like sunshine on a psychedelic adventure, crafting a sonic tapestry as warm as a beach outing and yet as lost as a journey into the future.

This Aussie band’s all about laid-back vibes, belting out catchy tunes that blend surf western and ’60s psych rock. They sound downright fantastic. Catch them this spring when they swing by Vienna for a gig at FLUCC during their first Euro tour.

► Watch:
Scared of Saturday Nights 

Sunday Death Drive


Garage Surf Punk from Vienna

Watch these troublemakers skillfully ramp up the excitement, effortlessly guiding the crowd from subtle swaying to wild euphoria, all accompanied by ear-to-ear grins. Brace yourself for the infectious Garage Surf Punk vibes of SUX SUX SUX.

We´ll blow the whistle on the band details soon, but for now, they’re staying incognito as our mystery act.

Praterstern 5
1020 Wien


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Hot Garbage / The Zephyr Circuit / 8.3.2023 @Kramladen

hot garbage the zephyr circuit vienna dazed and confused shows concert poster

✦ Hot Garbage ✦

Fuzzed out Psych Rock from Toronto

Hot Garbage, melts within their unique sonic foundry, shiny metallic melodies, unearthed within rugged rhythms from the regions of krautrock and post-punk, then carbonized within sus-alloyed arrangements, that eventually emit heavy streams of gaseous neo-psychedelia. Though highly volatile, these four rock isotopes present the atmosphere with optimal levels of radioactivity. Fans of volcanic rock and reverb-heavy dust clouds will want to expose their senses to the highly-flammable contents of «RIDE», their debut full-length album.

“In short, it’s the kind of album you throw on loud when you want to get lost and laugh into the void.”

► For fans of
The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips, Ty Segall

► Listen Easy Believer

► Watch more

✦ The Zephyr Circuit ✦

Psych Kraut Rock from Vienna

The Zephyr Circuit will lift you up with a whirlwind of pleasant breezes. Twisted and fuzzy, you fly out into freedom in search of a new adventure.

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✦ Tickets ✦

TICKETS: Hot Garbage (CA), Support: The Zephyr Circuit (AT) (

U Bahn Bogen 39-40
1080 Vienna, Austria

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