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A Place To Bury Strangers / Lunacy / Melt Downer 31.05.2023 @fluc Wanne

✦A Place To Bury Strangers✦

Mind-bending Noise Psych Post Punk from New York

A shamanistic experience that bathes listeners in glorious sound, crazed left turns, transcendent vibrations, real-time experiments and brilliant breakthroughs.
Their new album »See Through You« repeatedly delivers the massive walls of chaos and noise that every A Place To Bury Strangers fan craves in spades.

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My Head Is Bleeding
End Of The Night
Ego Death
Audiotree Live Session


Dark electro sound spheres from Pennsylvania

Behind this project is an artist who prefers to stay hidden and let his music speak for him. Dystopian vibes with deep electronic cuts that shake and rattle with power!

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»Universal Pressure« EP –

✦ Melt Downer ✦

Polixtox Noise Punk from Vienna

Melt Downer ignite fireworks that melt brain cells. Their sound is highly explosive and unpredictable. With impetuous energy Melt Downer push forward. Genre restrictions? Are trampled down.

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✦ Tickets ✦

€ 25,- | online presale TICKETS
Online presale runs until 30.05. at 23:59
€ 28,- | box office

Praterstern 5
1020 Vienna

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Hot Garbage / The Zephyr Circuit / 8.3.2023 @Kramladen

hot garbage the zephyr circuit vienna dazed and confused shows concert poster

✦ Hot Garbage ✦

Fuzzed out Psych Rock from Toronto

Hot Garbage, melts within their unique sonic foundry, shiny metallic melodies, unearthed within rugged rhythms from the regions of krautrock and post-punk, then carbonized within sus-alloyed arrangements, that eventually emit heavy streams of gaseous neo-psychedelia. Though highly volatile, these four rock isotopes present the atmosphere with optimal levels of radioactivity. Fans of volcanic rock and reverb-heavy dust clouds will want to expose their senses to the highly-flammable contents of «RIDE», their debut full-length album.

“In short, it’s the kind of album you throw on loud when you want to get lost and laugh into the void.”

► For fans of
The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips, Ty Segall

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✦ The Zephyr Circuit ✦

Psych Kraut Rock from Vienna

The Zephyr Circuit will lift you up with a whirlwind of pleasant breezes. Twisted and fuzzy, you fly out into freedom in search of a new adventure.

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✦ Tickets ✦

TICKETS: Hot Garbage (CA), Support: The Zephyr Circuit (AT) (

U Bahn Bogen 39-40
1080 Vienna, Austria

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