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24.4.2024 Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska / Sinsemillian @Kramladen


✦ Snakes Don´t Belong In Alaska ✦

Galactic Psych Rock Shamans from England

~ For fans of boundary-free heavy psych rock ~

Snakes Don´t Belong In Alaksa, a power trio hailing from Newcastle, England, is gearing up for their first European mainland tour next spring.

Their music feels like a cosmic journey unfolding. A drifting spacecraft charts an uncertain course through the unknown, the crew quietly navigating a forgotten mission lost in the cosmic currents. Amidst breathtaking celestial phenomena and moments of dark emptiness, they move through the wonders of the universe, oscillating between awe and the stark reality of their uncertain journey.

„Their music is a subtle slow burn that builds up in intensity slowly but surely. They posses a telepathic drums and bass rhythm section that notch it up simultaneously whilst sonics from the guitar fill the air adding an spaced out ambience to the overall sound. Its the rhythm that does it though, its never stops but keeps getting fiercer and busier forcing its way into your head until when it eventually stops it leaves an immense gap and feeling of emptiness.“
– Last Stop Sounds

„A freaked-out journey that combines elements of space rock, krautrock, and even some free-form jazz that has been keeping me hypnotized every time I turn it on.“
– Thirdeyepsychrockblog

Sounds Of A Forming Planet
Interstellic Psychedelic

✦ Sinsemillian ✦

Gritty Blackened Psych Noise from Vienna

This raw and dirty crew is tearing through conventional song structures with a ferocity that´ll make your soul shake. Whether plunging into grunge landscapes, exploring black metal terrain, or delving into the chaotic realm of noise rock, they consistently deliver a trippy experience.

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The Tooth Feeder and the Bottom Collector

U Bahn Bogen 39/40
1080 Wien