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This is a true experience.
Don't try to resist.
Let it happen.
2-day music festival - 12 bands
Friday, 22. Nov
Saturday, 23. Nov
Viper Room Vienna

✦ Psychedelic ✦ Post Punk ✦ Garage ✦ Noise ✦ Sludge ✦  Kraut ✦ Experimental ✦ Doom ✦ Space Rock ✦ & more
Tickets will be available as hard copies (limited collector’s tickets at RAVE UP RECORDS) and online via Kupfticket.
available until 3.10.2024
available until 21.11.2024
There will be day tickets available, with information released shortly after the announcement at the end of July.
Collector's tickets
Collector's tickets are available at the vibrant RAVE UP RECORDS, located at Hofmühlgasse 1, 1060 Wien. It's just a 1-minute walk from the U4 Pilgramgasse station.
Dragged Into Bliss collector´s tickets
the cosmic dead live at dragged into bliss viper room vienna 2024
Warlocks of fuzzed-out monster jams from Scotland
You don´t wanna miss out:
The Cosmic Dead are known for pushing the boundaries of volume and intensity, delivering an unparalleled auditory experience in psychedelic rock. Their exploratory compositions often reach levels of sonic destruction through reflective repetition and visceral harmony, sounding as if crafted in outer space and brought to Earth to transcend the living.

The Cosmic Dead released their new album, »Infinite Peaks«, earlier this year on HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS. After five years, they are set to return to Vienna for an exclusive performance at DRAGGED INTO BLISS Festival.
»Psychedelic experiences are beyond categories, beyond words and beyond space-time dimensions.«
- Stanislav Grof
For fans of:
Exploring unknown realms through sonic journeys, SPECK, Earthless
Mind-bending kraut doom experience from Vienna
You don´t wanna miss out:
Der Blutharsch and The Infinite Church of the Leading Hand captivates with a hypnotic quality, blending exceptional artistry and an authentic underground sound.

Their compositions are characterized by booming, monotonously hammering beats and riffs, complemented by the ethereal flickering and chirping of synthesizers. Vocalist Marthyana, akin to an occult high priestess, leads listeners through dark rites with her trance-inducing chants.

Their extensive discography includes collaborations with White Hills, King Dude, Fuckhead, Aluk Todolo, and Rummelsnuff, and performances at prestigious festivals like Roadburn.

Dive into their dark sonic realms and embark on a journey deep into your psyche.
For fans of:
Ominous rituals, raw & analog sound, dark & trippy sonic comos
der blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand live at viper room vienna 2024
LEBER live at Dragged Into Bliss Festival 2024 Vienna Viper Room
Blazing Punk Fury from Linz
You don´t wanna miss out:
Bursting onto the Austrian punk scene, LEBER has quickly carved out a reputation with their raw energy and snotty performances. Addressing critical issues like toxic masculinity and femicide, the band channels their personal experiences into their music, deeply resonating with fans and empowering them to speak out. Their unfiltered, therapeutic approach to songwriting and performance makes their live shows truly cathartic experiences.
For fans of:
Smashing patriarchal norms, Tic Tac Toe, Pisse
Psychedelic Folk from beyond the stars
You don´t wanna miss out:
Otherworldly with a punk-hearted tweak, LILLIE CREATURES synthesize haunting vocal harmonies and pulsating guitar loops into an idiosyncratic micro-orchestra. Drawing from psychedelic, ethereal wave, tribal folk, process music, and space rock influences, this One-Girl-Band crafts a sonic universe that's utterly unique.
For fans of:
Alien abductions, slow-motion supernovas, a kaleidoscopic musical universe
lillie creatures live at dragged into bliss viper room vienna 2024 teaser picture
psychedelic trips to death live in vienna 2024
Dystopian Post-Punk Noise Hypnosis from Greece
You don´t wanna miss out:
Dive headfirst into a dark void, where electrifying lightning bolts of distortion and melody crackle with intensity. Surrender to the hypnotic allure of their sound, where beautiful and unrelenting tension captivates and overwhelms. Feel the crushing wall of post-punk electro noise as it envelops you in its powerful embrace.

For the first time live in Vienna.
For fans of:
A Place To Bury Strangers, Suicide, The Horrors
Scuzzy Garage-Punk Juggernaut from UK
You don´t wanna miss out:
Their unhinged live shows are rowdy, sweat-fueled, and fun as hell, leaving your bones rattling. All skull-crushing riffs and hallucinogenic effects, YOBS deal in hard-edged, primitive garage-punk salvos that race by with bludgeoning intensity. These misfits from Liverpool have just released their first album on Fuzz Club records and it will be their first show in Austria.
For fans of:
Gang shouting, igniting revolution, The Cramps
dragged into bliss yobs band announcement
Telebrains live at Dragged Into Bliss Viper Room Vienna 2024
Garage-Punk Mavericks from Vienna
You don´t wanna miss out:
Remember when paranoia drove the boys to hijack a police car, cruising through the night with The Seeds' 'Pushin' Too Hard' blaring, smirking all the while? 
Neither do they.
With infectious beats and catchy riffs, TELEBRAINS gets everyone moving before you know it.

Telebrains released their debut album «My Thoughts Changed Directions« earlier this year on Siluh Records.
For fans of:
Chaotic dance floors, irreverent lyrics, Ramones
Every wednesday and sunday we´ll announce new bands for DRAGGED INTO BLISS Festival at Viper Room Vienna.
Lemur Dragged Into Bliss psychedelic sunglasses
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